The Right to Information: A Global Perspective

By K. M. Shrivastava - 2009

The Right to Information: A Global Perspective provides an overview of the right to information, focusing on the trends, opportunities and threats which activists, bureaucrats, politicians and ordinary people will find useful. At the author notes, 'The right to information (or freedom of information) has now emerged as a key component in credible democratic governance and is vital for promoting open governance and accountability of decision makers as well as for strengthening transparency, participation and the rule of law.'

Seven chapters explore 'The Beginnings'; 'United Nations, Commonwealth & EU'; 'United States'; 'United Kingdom'; 'India'; 'Trends and Future'; 'RTI Miscellany'.

Frankfort, IL: Lancer Inter Consult and New Delhi: Lancer Publishers (2009).

By K. M. Shrivastava| 2009


Communication rights enable all people everywhere to express themselves individually and collectively by all means of communication. They are vital to full participation in society and are, therefore, universal human rights belonging to every man, woman, and child.


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