The Implementation of Cultural Rights by the International Community

By Janusz Symonides - 2008

This article analyses instruments adopted by the UN, UNESCO and regional organizations dealing with cultural rights. It presents the procedures aimed at the verification and control of the implementation of cultural rights based on reports and, in the case of UNESCO, on communications. The analysis leads to the conclusion that cultural rights are an underdeveloped category of human rights, often proclaimed by declarations and recommendations which at best can be qualified as `soft law'. Therefore they need further development, codification and strengthening of international control of their implementation.

International Communication GazetteFebruary 1998 vol. 60 no. 1 7-25

By Janusz Symonides| 2008
Categories:  Language and Culture


Communication rights enable all people everywhere to express themselves individually and collectively by all means of communication. They are vital to full participation in society and are, therefore, universal human rights belonging to every man, woman, and child.


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